It looks like adult games are being temporarily withheld from Steam while Valve continues to implement tools that allow players to filter games they are not interested in from their own personalized feeds.

Valve had previously asked developers to remove “sexually explicit content” from their games, otherwise there is a risk that it will be removed from Steam. However, these changes were quickly withdrawn following a reaction from the developer community.

Instead, the company said it would “check” games for content violations (although it isn’t clear what counts as a violation) before reaching out to developers again.

“Yes, some titles are on hold. We’ll have more information on that soon,” a Valve representative said via email.

The developers of Love in Space tweeted back in June that they had completed development of the adult visual novel Shining Song Starnova and are waiting for Valve to approve the build.

However, the studio tweeted again last week, updating the players they heard from Valve, but Shining Song Starnova would be delayed.

“The bottom line is that they are working on new features to give users more control over the content they see and that SSS needs those features before it can go live on Steam,” the tweet wrote.

It’s not explicitly clear what criteria Valve has for delaying games or what the proposed schedule for introducing these new features is.