Giuliani took the stage first to start the overall theme of the day, which was to berate the press for saying that there was no proof of voter fraud when he had a fistful of affidavits. Affidavits, folks! For instance, Giuliani claimed to have “60 witnesses” to an incident wherein a truck pulled up within the wee hours of the morning “and other people rushed to it considering it had meals” however as an alternative it was “stuffed with ballots, hundreds of ballots” that have been in rubbish cans and paper luggage. After which these votes have been introduced in “once they thought all of the Republican observers had gone residence” and run by means of the voting machines thrice. This was not a single occasion, declared Giuliani, however a product of Joe Biden’s “election fraud crew” that labored in “Democrat led cities” to plant the votes wanted to place Biden forward of Trump. 

Giuliani then gave approach to Sidney Powell, who demonstrated that in terms of being disconnected from actuality, this convention went to 12. Powell instantly veered away from trash can votes and proper into how the election was actually rigged by voting software program written for Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. Chavez, fairly unexpectedly, is outwardly very anti-Trump. (That’s actually surprising since he died in 2013.) However Powell launched into an emotional clarification of how “Our votes are counted in Germany and in Spain by an organization owned by associates of Chavez and Maduro,” and these corporations are, in fact, run by “the quantity two affiliate of George Soros.” As Powell went on, she additionally expressed how Cuba was concerned, and the way there was an “algorithm” that allowed this Venezuela-Jewish-Cuban cabal to outline the values of votes. That algorithm that “most likely flipped votes all around the nation” as a result of, in response to Powell, “Donald Trump gained in a landslide.”

Sure, she mentioned that. This got here proper earlier than the half the place she defined that she additionally has an affidavit from somebody who chatted about all this with Chavez (I’m nonetheless not making this up) and that it was all authorized by antifa. It was a Biden-Venezuelan-Jewish-Cuban-antifa conspiracy. And in the event you suppose she didn’t point out the Clinton Basis on this … oh sure she did. All of those teams “had the election rigged for Mr. Biden,” mentioned Powell. She went on to clarify: “They’ll say a Biden vote counts 1.25 and a Trump vote counts 0.75, and which may be the numbers that have been used right here.” All of this was defined to her by the Chavez chat man. Additionally, there’s a server in Germany that’s undoubtedly related. Although we don’t understand how. So … simply assume everybody not standing on the stage was part of the conspiracy.

Powell then gave approach to Jenna Ellis, who defined that, lord assist everybody, all that had gone earlier than was solely the “opening assertion” to the total trial they needed to have. Ellis then defined that this may not be a trial of the general public opinion earlier than complaining that there wasn’t time to do it in court docket. However undoubtedly, undoubtedly, 99% of the press wasn’t worthy to even report on the story. As a result of they’re a part of the conspiracy.

The entire thing completed off with some Q&A time wherein Giuliani stepped ahead to embrace all the things that Powell had claimed about Chavez, Soros, antifa … the works. That included complaining about states being “silly sufficient to ship our votes overseas … to be counted by people who find themselves allies of Chavez and Meduro … run by an ally of George Soros.” He is aware of it is a reality, mentioned Giuliani. “After I first heard it, I did not consider it, till Sydney confirmed me the paperwork … you possibly can Google it, properly, until they took it down.” This was accompanied by extra complaints about antifa’s position in fixing the election.

And you understand all of this must be true, as a result of Giuliani gestured across the stage to proclaim, “There may be no person right here who engages in fantasies.” This was adopted by a declare that Trump gained Michigan by 50,000 votes, and that the marketing campaign was trying into challenges in each Virginia and New Mexico. By that time, Giuliani’s hair dye was largely on his shirt.

All this occurred. And I didn’t even contact on probably the most ridiculous moments.