No person mentioned fascism was a motion of intellectuals

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert has made quite a name for himself round these elements and others. Now the Home Republican is leaping with each ft into suggesting that, effectively, perhaps if Donald Trump did not win the election perhaps it is time for his Republican voters to stand up and finish American democracy, interval.

As reported by the Dallas Morning News, Gohmert claimed to a “Million MAGA March” viewers close to the White Home that “this was a cheated election and we will not let it stand.” He spoke of the American revolution and the Egyptian rebellion: “They rose up although throughout Egypt, and because of the individuals rising up within the biggest numbers in historical past,” he mentioned, and “if they’ll try this there, consider what we will do right here.”

And in maybe what handed for an acknowledgement that an armed coup by crimson hat-wearing bozos could be, ahem, unpopular with most of the people, Gohmert was fast to level out that “solely about 30%” of American colonists supported that earlier revolution. You do not want a majority in these issues, in any case. You simply want sufficient ammunition.

Gohmert’s persona, which may finest be described as “what if a person rented out the house between his ears to a household of tiny rodent acrobats,” makes it a bit troublesome to take his message severely. However he is useless critical and his message is that as a result of he, personally, can not abdomen the fact of the American public voting in opposition to his occasion and in opposition to their designated Expensive Chief, he believes it’s time to overthrow democracy and easily re-install Expensive Chief as Expensive Chief. He believes that is crucial due to an extended, lengthy laundry listing of conspiracy theories that he believes as a result of see above, and likewise as a result of in case you “take out these two states” of California and New York, Trump would have gained the favored vote. (That is nonetheless not true, however ibid.)

So anyway, that is the place we’re at now: Home Republicans advocating for the overthrow of america authorities primarily based on conspiracy fictions they noticed on fringe web sites.

Once more, it’s troublesome to take fascism severely when it arrives in a clown automotive, and there’s no one in Washington that screams “clown automotive” greater than Louie Freaking Gohmert, a person who couldn’t beat a Texas fencepost in an essay competitors in case you noticed him 20 phrases and sharpened his pencils for him so he would not damage himself. However the message to the “MAGA” base was actual: Should you do not just like the election outcomes, take to the streets and nullify them. If the votes not go your approach, declare the votes fraudulent and keep it up with out them.

Gohmert shouldn’t be saying this stuff to attraction to a base. Louie-watchers know that that is genuinely who he’s. Steve King is a white supremacist, Marco Rubio is a shapeless puddle of ill-defined ambitions, and Louie Gohmert is a conspiracy nut ceaselessly demanding different individuals act out primarily based on his head canons. He could be much more harmful than Trump himself, if he did not ceaselessly have each ft planted again close to his tonsils.