As part of Steam Labs Experiment 010, a new Steam Adult Only games category has been released on the site, giving gamers the opportunity to find the best lewd content on the platform in one convenient place.

Yesterday Valve presented the Steam Labs Experiment 010. Steam Labs is Valve’s internal project to improve the functionality of its Steam storefront. This new experiment aims to make it easier to find by enabling more complex searches based on tags for game content.

Of course, this new experiment would make it easier for players to find a tactical first-person shooter, for example, rather than an arcade first-person shooter, or a JRPG instead of a CRPG. One wonderful little side benefit, however, is that it’s easier than ever to find adult games on Steam.

How to Find the Best Adult Only Steam Games

If you are browsing the Steam Adult Only Games section, you will need to sign up for Steam Labs Experiment 010. From there, a new Categories menu will appear at the top of the screen. There you will find the “Adult Games” section.

Steam has had a difficult history with adult games. In 2018, dozens of adult-oriented titles were suddenly removed from the platform with no explanation at the time. Valve later overturned its decision on many of these games, making it clear that only games that were “illegal or outright trolling” would be removed, although adult game developers were still struggling with Steam later that year.

Now Game Informer has highlighted the existence of the new Steam Adult Only Games category. While there were other ways to browse these titles (such as the Steam curator “Adult Only Games”), this is the first real integration to be built into the platform, albeit as an experimental feature.

You can view the new Steam Adult Only Games section by opting for Steam Labs Experiment 010 on the Steam Labs page. From there you can click on “Categories” under “Special Sections” and then on “Adults Only” – or simply visit the adult-only catalog directly.

What do you think of Steam when adult games get their own category as part of the latest Steam Labs experiment? What is your preferred platform for buying and playing adult games? Let us know in the comments below!