Adult education has recently become one of the main responsibilities on the Mississippi Delta Community College campus.

This mission fits right in with the goals of 2nd Chance MS, an organization dedicated to helping adults find workforce equivalence or certification.

Zach Scruggs, Executive Director of 2nd Chance, was on the MDCC’s Moorhead campus Thursday to award a grant of over $ 18,000 for the college’s adult education programs.

With this money, the adult education department can purchase Chromebooks and wifi hotspots to lend to adult students who are unable to attend classes during the pandemic.

“2nd chance miss. Is pleased to partner with the Mississippi Delta Community College to help hard working adult students in the Miss area. To provide Delta with the support it needs. These adult students are already facing numerous barriers to achieving their high school equivalence or training their workforce, ‚ÄĚstated Zach Scruggs, executive director of 2nd Chance Miss.

Watch the video above to learn more about 2nd chance MS and why MDCC was selected for this scholarship, and get a copy of next week’s ET hard copy for the full story and photo .