McConnell goes completely nuclear, places Barrett on the Supreme Courtroom 8 days earlier than the election


She’ll serve the remainder of her life with an asterisk of disgrace by her identify, keen to be chosen by Donald Trump. Additionally the superspreading factor.

How unhealthy is the Republican Senate below Mitch McConnell? It is so unhealthy it simply handed Donald Trump—Donald Trump—one-third of the Supreme Courtroom. Amy “Superspreader” Barrett has been confirmed on a virtually purely party-line vote, 52-47. Sen. Susan Collins, in a very clear bid to scrape any Democratic or unbiased votes which may nonetheless be up for grabs in Maine, voted with Democrats towards affirmation. After, after all, she went to great pains to say this wasn’t about Barrett’s {qualifications}, however about voting this near the election. So, , she would not alienate any potential Republican voters who would possibly ditch her subsequent Tuesday.

The one different supposedly pro-choice Republican, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, was simply as duplicitous. She told reporters that “I do not see her overturning the choice in Roe v. Wade primarily based on the weighting of the reliance elements. […] I imagine that she won’t vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.” That is precisely like Collins on her Kavanaugh vote, when she was so completely sure he would alway respect precedent within the Supreme Courtroom. That lasted all of a few months. What these two appear to suppose is that we’re silly sufficient to suppose they are silly sufficient to imagine this about Trump nominees. They suppose we’re not sensible sufficient to know it is not about overturning Roe. It is about imposing so many restrictions on abortion that Roe exists in identify solely.

Here is the reality of the matter, from a Republican who’s not afraid of placing his far-right extremism on the market for the world to see.


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