Have a look at Donald Trump’s loser speak. He is aware of he is toast


Keep in mind, he wanted to get to the hospital as quickly as he might, clearly earlier than it was smart, because of fears that he would demotivate his base. So why is he brazenly speaking about shedding? 


If he’s sturdy and successful and the polls are rigged, why is he speaking in regards to the risk of shedding? There’s nothing extra demotivating to a marketing campaign’s supporters than to listen to their candidate speak about shedding, after which threaten the viewers with taking his ball and going dwelling. 


I’m actually stunned he’s letting himself sound this unhappy and pathetic. It’s loser speak. Begging, on his knees, the identical ladies he as soon as bragged about, unapologetically, of grabbing their you-know-what. The facility dynamic is now totally inverted, and Trump’s greatest argument is “I don’t have time to cease being an asshole, which is why I misplaced your vote, however I might do it if I needed to, simply belief me, despite the fact that I’ve by no means performed it.” After which, for emphasis, one hour laterhe tweeted this


Received it? He doesn’t have time to be good, since he’s too busy insulting white seniors—actually his most loyal demographic outdoors the Proud Boys scene.

And extra loser speak. 


Trump is actually saying that he might lose to “the worst presidential candidate of all time.” If that’s the case, what does that make Trump

So in a single evening, Trump betrayed concern that he was shedding to “the worst candidate of all time” and begged suburban ladies to love him, whereas refusing to do the factor that he is aware of would assist him with these ladies (i.e. not be an asshole). 

However to be honest, Trump’s rallies weren’t all loser speak. There was a few of that well-honed well-known Trump message self-discipline: 


“Be good? Nah. Gotta punch some seniors. No time to be good. However how about an prolonged soliloquy on the tv state of affairs on Air Pressure One? Will that work?”