However, since Covid-19 is more likely to be transmitted through coughing or even breathing than sex through droplets, he said, “There are a million other exposures from those you worked with on set to those you come in contact with came before you tested positive? Everyone is happy to meet the tests because nobody wants to work on a set that they can become infected on. “

Should an infection occur, production would cease. Everyone on the set – the infected and the negatives – would be unemployed. Most of the people in the adult film industry are independent contractors; When they are not working they are not paid, so the incentive to keep working is high.


Apr. 12, 2021 at 11:21 ET

There was an HIV outbreak in the adult film industry as early as 1998. Marc Wallice, an adult film actor, forged his HIV test certificate and infected a handful of actresses. The HIV tests at that time were printed out on paper and could easily be forged.

Sharon Mitchell, a former actress with a PhD in human sexuality and blood sample training, founded the Adult Industry Medical Health Foundation that year and formulated the protocols that would later become PASS.

“While acronyms and organizations have changed and testing has improved, the general principles are the same,” said Stabile.

The system was shut down heavily in 2004 and two shorter in 2013.

“I only appear on sets that have the PASS system in place,” said Maitland Ward, an adult movie star with three Adult Video News Oscars and a former star on the sitcom Boy Meets World. “Professional porn regularly follows very strict guidelines,” said Ms. Ward. When production resumes, in addition to the coronavirus tests, “additional precautionary measures will be taken for kits such as: B. Temperature checks and social distancing between crew members, “she said.

“Health checks are the norm for us. I think the adult industry is far better prepared than mainstream movie sets or other companies. “This is just one more thing that we must be careful and vigilant about. Honestly, I think the mainstream will pay attention to how the adult industry deals with this because we are the standard bearer when it comes to health and safety on set. “