Various Instagram models use their platforms to post teasing pictures or videos of themselves, which then redirect their fan base to an adult entertainment website called OnlyFans, which pays a subscription fee for the Instagram model’s content on the site.

No celebrity worldwide known had joined the site until now. However, rapper Cardi B recently announced that she has set up a new account at OnlyFans to share her opinions and content only with her fans.

Cardi B recently spoke about her decision in an interview with British iD magazine: “I created an OnlyFans because people are more stuck at home, but also because I wanted to be in an app that I only and specifically with There are certain times – lots of times actually – when I just want to talk to my fans, you know my folks. I don’t want to go live on Instagram or give my opinion on social media because people twist it and Spin it. “

She added, “There are certain things that only my fans are supposed to see, you know? I want to be more open about my insecurities, what makes me happy and what makes me sad. I want to be extremely transparent. And I’m not talking once about my body, you know, only about my life. I have a feeling that not everyone deserves to see it. ”

The hip-hop superstar also recently won four top charts, including her new song entitled WAP. With her song Bodak Yellow, she reached the Hot 100 penthouse for the first time in 2017.