Alright, alright, alright—we get it. 

“It is like, ‘OK, here is the scene: You are in the course of the ocean,” McConaughey explained, giving his side to Yahoo! Entertainment. “You go beneath the water, so on ‘Motion,’ go into the water after which come up out of the water such as you’re gasping for air. You are glad to be alive! You then have a look at one another and also you swim to one another and go into an embrace.'”

So, yeah, he wasn’t his finest self: “There’s numerous salt water and snot and all types of stuff which might be in between all these,” he continued, “and so that you’re doing that and you are like, ‘OK, I feel that labored, however did that look any good?'”

He is assured that their finest smooching days are nonetheless forward of them—”There’s nonetheless time”—however some make-out conditions are merely past restore. Take pleasure in these tales of love scenes gone fallacious and take a little bit solace in realizing that even lovely individuals do not all the time create lovely reminiscences.