Adult Games Giant Nutaku launches its own dedicated game client

For more than a decade, Steam has been a top priority as a go-to-game client for PC gamers, and its dominant presence in the market continues to this day. In recent years, however, once dormant gaming customers have begun to squeeze Valve’s market share, splitting the PC world into a multitude of different launchers from different companies. Now, adult niche platform Nutaku has joined the battle with its own dedicated customer.

Nutaku, the platform and distribution service that specialize in adult-themed erotic anime titles, may be the only relevant company addressing this niche genre. With Steam’s strict guidelines on adult content (although this is gradually changing) and Sony’s recent crackdown on uncensored titles, Nutaku may be the only haven for more open-minded gamers.

Traditionally they have been more focused on browser games, with a selection of downloadable titles and mobile games. With an impressive 100 million visitors this month and more than 20 million registered users, Nutaku is transitioning to a dedicated customer partnering with Kimochi Red Light, the platform for crowdsourced adult games. With the press release of the Game Vicio announcement, it became clear that Nutaku plans to cement its place as the primary platform for the sex games market with the goal of global reach.

“We’re excited to announce the streamlined customer serving our platform and the needs of our users,” said Julie Hall, communications manager at Nutaku. “We have some interesting projects in the works, including something for mobile users and consoles, as we prepare for the global customer rollout.”

While Steam is the all-in-one package for most third-party needs, competitors have started creating impressive résumés of their own like GOG and GamersGate. In the meantime, existing publishers have begun building their own exclusive distribution platform for their games, from Microsoft’s newly redesigned Xbox / PC storefront and EA’s Origin service to Ubisoft’s often overlooked UPlay, Bethesda’s Launcher, which took over Fallout 76, and Activision Blizzards Well – famous

The current trend seems to be a transition into fragmentation as these companies try to attract as many players as possible into their ecosystem. While Nutaku, as the only provider of games that are less widely marketed, undoubtedly has the intention to optimize the gaming experience.