Facilities must be approved by the Shelby County Health Department to open and adhere to strict COVID-19 security measures

MEMPHIS, Tennessee – As the number of COVID-19 cases in Shelby County continues to rise – including 691 new cases reported Tuesday – adult entertainment venues are allowed to reopen.

In a statement to Local 24 News, Dr. Bruce Randolph of the Shelby County Health Department: “The adult entertainment venues are allowed to operate after we have reviewed their reopening schedule and visited the facility to confirm that it is organized in an acceptable manner and that appropriate protocols are in place and in place technical support / guidance. The COVID-19 investigation / inspection team came with me as I toured the facilities and met with management. The COVID-19 investigation / inspection team conducted an inspection against the compliance checklist to verify that the security measures can be implemented. “

Among them are adult entertainment establishments, but they must adhere to strict COVID-19 safety measures set by the Shelby County Health Department, including:

1) Arcades, booths, theaters and all rooms or parts of such shops or event locations except for the main stage or goods room and the existing toilets must remain closed to the public

2) Post warning signs, mask wearing requirements, social distancing and hand washing reminders in all public areas

3) Use a contactless thermometer with all employees, guests and suppliers

4) Do not allow anyone with a mild fever (100.4+) or symptoms to enter the building

5) Remove all employees from the building and request a COVID-19 test for all employees for the following:

A- has a household member who is infected with COVID-19

B- Met or had contact with a person infected with COVID-19

C- Shows symptoms of COVID-19

6) Keep a record of all persons (employees, customers and / or suppliers) entering the facility to assist the local health department in tracking contacts

7) Log any suspicious infected person or employee to prevent re-entry for 14 days and report this to the health department for contact tracing

8) Provide social distancing at entry points and cashiers

9) Ensure social distance by placing all tables 6 feet apart so that those seated at the table are at least 6 feet away from those seated at another table

10) Provide sufficient hand disinfection stations in all public areas and work stations

11) Encourage all employees to wear masks and gloves

12) All drinking and eating utensils and / or services are only served on single-use paper or plastic

13) Provide all PPE for all employees

14) Clean up bar and kitchen cleaning procedures (with supervised checklists).

15) Enforce improved daily cleaning practices with cleaning staff

16) Disinfect all furniture between customers

Here is the @ ShelbyTNHealth # COVID19 update for Tuesday November 10th, 2020.

For more information, please visit https://t.co/kdHyTiLpjk to access the data dashboard. pic.twitter.com/BWgRtBbYBJ

– Shelby County Health (@ShelbyTNHealth) November 10, 2020

17) Disinfect ALL stage equipment after every single entertainer

18) Disinfect ALL touch sensitive surfaces after each use, including tables, doorknobs, light switches, POS, countertops, handles, phones, toilets, sinks, ATMs, or credit card terminals

19) Make sure no guests are singing, shouting, or dancing

20) All performances take place on the stage; Only one performer is allowed on stage at a time and must be 18 feet from guests. Lap dancing or close contact (less than 6 feet apart) are not allowed

21) Standing or sitting in the bar area is not permitted, only table seating

22) No standing or collecting on stage

23) The ventilation of the system must work with optimal capacity

24) Masks must be worn by everyone at all times except for eating / drinking

25) Alcohol / beer may only be served with food and to customers / guests who are seated at a table

26) Service for each customer / group should not exceed two hours

28) All other applicable safety measures of Health Directive No. 14 must be observed.