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A Professional Marriage Retreat Center

Apr 21

It is common for marriages to have ups and downs, but it depends on your approaches as a couple to resolve your conflicts. One of the most practical techniques is seeking professional help from an experienced marriage therapist. It is also wise to choose a Marriage Retreat center that is transparent and one that is confidential about the matters you discuss with them.

 Also, it is critical to choose a marriage therapist who is not after your money as a client but is devoted to helping you solve the conflicts and grow as a happy couple. Some top qualities make An Affair of the Heart stand out among other Marriage Therapy Retreat centers. 

We Help Restore The Excellent Relationship Between The Couple. 

An Affair of the Heart offers practical and quicker results that take about three to five days after starting therapy sessions in our facility. Notably, a retreat works better than other conflict-solving methods. We aim at identifying the deep-rooted and new conflicts in the marriage and helping couples rekindle the love and care they felt for each other before the conflicts. 


We have the expertise to solve any marriage conflict, no matter how complex it can be. Better still, we will help you save time and money by offering effective Marriage Therapy Retreats. Better still, you can feel free to visit our facility as a couple for a Couples Therapy Weekend when you are away from work or any other distraction. 

We Provide A Secure And Comfortable Environment For Couples To Heal.

A professional marriage therapy center should have a comfortable, friendly, and safe environment appropriate for Couples Therapy NYC. At An Affair of the Heart, we have created a friendly, secure, and comfortable platform where couples can feel free to share their worries and issues and give them time to heal from traumas in their lives. Backed up by the help of our award-winning marriage therapists, we have helped married partners with conflicts and issues in their marriages to restore happiness and love in their marriage. No matter what problems you may have as a couple, we have the expertise to tackle them. 

We Help Solve and Identify the Deeply Rooted Problems between the Partners

An Affair of the Heart has over 40 years of experience helping marriage partners identify deep-rooted issues in their marriages and giving them practical solutions. Our mission is to re-establish the connection and emotions of the couples. 


An Affair Of The Heart

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