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When Should You Replace Your Kid's Hiking Shoes?

Apr 12

Here are the top kids' hiking boots! We understand that finding shoes that are both durable and comfortable for hiking can be difficult. However, we are here.

We will be reviewing the best kids hiking shoes, and discussing the various styles. Our selection of hiking shoes for kids is perfect for any age.

What Are Kids Hiking Shoes for?

Kids' hiking shoes were made for hiking, and the name says it all. They're made of sturdy, durable materials such leather or nylon. The shoes have good treads to help you trudge on uneven and slippery terrain. They may also come with waterproofing features to keep your child’s feet dry in rainy conditions.

Why are they necessary?

While sneakers are okay for short hikes and walking on smooth ground, they won’t provide the same level or protection as hiking shoes. Hiking footwear is designed to protect the feet from rocks and roots as well any other obstacles encountered on the trail.

They also have a strong grip to prevent slippage, and some have water-resistant and waterproof features.

Types of Kid's Hiking Shoes

There are three main types for children's hiking shoes:

This lightweight hiker is ideal for day trips or short hikes. They are often made from mesh and other breathable materials to keep children's feet cool.

The mid-weight hiker provides more support than the lightweight ones, but isn't as bulky and heavy as full-fledged backpacking boots. These are an excellent choice for longer hikes, multi-day adventures, and more.

These boots are durable and most supportive. However, they may be too heavy for shorter hikes or on easier trails. These boots are usually waterproof and have extra padding that protects your feet from any rough terrain.

How can you choose the right kids hiking shoes

Going to a local outdoor shop and having them fitted by a professional is the best way to find the right pair of hiking shoes. Your child's specific needs will allow them to recommend the size, style and features they need. You can also order children's shoes online. Make sure you have your child’s foot measurements.

What Should You Look For When Choosing Hiking Shoes for Your Kid

You should consider these things when looking for the perfect pair for your child's hiking shoes. It's important to think about the terrain they'll be hiking.

A lighter shoe will suffice if they're going to be hiking on flat trails. However, they should consider a more robust boot if they plan to tackle difficult terrain. The shoes should have good traction, be comfortable enough to wear over long periods of times, and offer comfort.

Are You Looking to Save Money on Kids Hiking Shoes?

If you're tight on money, you might wonder if it's possible for you to get used children's shoes. The answer is yes. However, it is important to make sure the shoes fit and are in good physical condition.

It's important to inspect the soles and check for any wear. Also, make sure that there are no holes in the fabric. There are many great bargains available for used hiking shoes, especially for children.

When is it time to replace kid's hiking boots?

As with adult hiking footwear, kids' shoes also need to get replaced. The type of terrain and how often they've worn them will determine the frequency they need to be replaced.

If your child enjoys hiking, it is important to replace their shoes at least every six months. Your shoes may last several years, even if your child only hikes occasionally.

You should pay attention to the condition of your shoes and have them replaced when necessary.


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