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Do You Love Pinup Hairstyles

Mar 19

Are you a fan of the vintage pinup style but don't feel that they are appropriate for today? You might be wrong! We will show you how to style hair in pinup styles that suit any occasion.

These hairstyles can be worn for a date, or to make you feel more confident at work. Grab your curling iron, and you can rock vintage glamour!

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What is a pinup hairstyle?

Pinup hairstyles were popularized in the 1940s and 1950s. It has a glamorous and feminine look. Pinup hairstyles were popularized by models and movie stars, who wore them often.

Although the term pinup might conjure up images of Marilyn Monroe or Bettie Page, there are many styles of pinup hairstyles. We will be showing you the top pinup styles you can wear right now.

The Classic Pinup Hairstyle

This pinup is perhaps the most famous. This style is known for its large, flowing curls and victory rolls. This look can be achieved by curling your hair with large hot irons. After your hair has been curled completely, spray hairspray on it.

Next, pull a section of your hair back from the front and use a bobbypin to pin it. This will create the "crown effect". Red lipstick and cat-eye glasses will complete the look.

Modern Pinup Hairstyle

This style is for you if you're looking for a pinup look but don’t want to do it too much. This style takes the pinup look and adds a modern twist.

This look is achieved by curling your hair with a curling iron. After curling your hair, you can brush it to make the curls look softer and more natural. Next, pull a section of hair out of the front of your head. Use a bobby pin to pin it back. To keep it in place, spray a little hairspray.

Rockabilly Pinup Hairstyle

This style is ideal for women who wish to channel their inner Bettie Pages. This style is great for short hair as it can be worn without or with extensions.

This look is achieved by curling your hair with large heat rollers. If you don't want your hair curled, let your hair fall naturally.

The Retro Pinup Hairstyle

This hairstyle is great for women who desire a vintage look. Apply a generous amount mousse to damp hair. Next, curl your hair with a large-barrel curling Iron. After your hair has been curled, spray it with hairspray to let it cool down completely.

The Victory Roll Pinup Hairstyle

For women looking for a glamorous style, this classic pinup hairstyle works well. Apply mousse to damp hair, then dry with a round brush. After your hair has dried, curl it with a large-barrel curling Iron. Once you've curled your hair, spray it with hairspray to let it cool down completely.


The pinup hairstyle can be worn by all women, and it is timeless. You can achieve a vintage style or add flair and fun to your hair.

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